Fiberglass (FRP) Strainers

Advanced Fiberglass Services provides a wide range of products and services for corrosive applications. We manufacture standard and custom designed fiberglass strainers in FRP construction as well as assembled strainer systems.

Typical Applications

  • Acid Plants
  • Pickling
  • Plating
  • Chemical Transportation and Storage
  • Waste Treatment
  • High Purity Processes
  • Sea/Brackish Water

Mechanical Specification

  • Standard sizes to 10″ line size, larger sizes available
  • Suction Strainers – 20 PSIG @ 200F
  • Strainer body of vinyl ester resin
  • Exterior finish-gel coat with UV stabilizer
  • Interior finish -Nexus veil with resin rich layer
  • Standard basket is polypropylene
  • Optional baskets in Kynar and FRP
  • Bolting in stainless steel, alloy or FRP options.

Systems Capabilities

  • Duplex Systems
  • Interconnecting Piping
  • Manual or Actuated Valves
  • Instrumentation
  • Skid Mounting
  • Assembly with pumps, Heat Exchangers, etc.

Other AFS Products and Services

Advanced Fiberglass Services manufactures fiberglass FRP strainers, custom designed tanks, vessels, piping, duct work, and specialty equipment in FRP and thermoplastics. In addition we provide installation and field repair services for all FRP equipment as well as corrosion protection for foundations.

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