Industries Served

Waste Water Treatment

Fiberglass takes on a whole new meaning in the waste water treatment industry. AFS can replace the cold tar epoxy systems for clean well drinking, protect concrete floors from the harsh chemicals in the waste water, and can be used for odor control. By using AFS our field service crew can install and/or repair any FRP product you may have in your facility.

Power Plants

With the ever present need to monitor air quality, AFS provides fume exhaust scrubbers, sampling ports, stacks, sludge pits, and a number of other piping that the power plant industry requires.

Steel Processing

With over 30 years experience in the steel processing business we can design, fabricate and install, cell covers, cell liners, fume exhaust systems, tank liners, replace grading in stair wells, trenches and sumps in floors, and elevated duct of all sizes.

Chemical and Pulp & Paper Mills

There are many uses for fiberglass in the pulp and paper industry. Fiberglass can be used in piping for handling chlorine dioxide, bleach tanks, fume exhaust scrubber units, and coatings for equipment to protect them from the chemicals used in processing.

We have designed and engineered free standing fiberglass control buildings that can house all of the delicate instruments used in the industry to protect them from the chemical and environmental corrosion.

Food Processing

AFS now has a FDA approval rating so we can now offer you a more economic way to compete against 316 stainless steel. We can supply your Food Processing Plant with processing tanks, wash down areas, mixing rooms, and shipping containers.