Advanced Fiberglass Services

Our History

Founded in 1963, Chautauqua began as a builder of small racing-class sailboats and other recreational products. Being a manufacturing facility, located in a strongly industrialized area, enabled Chautauqua to transition its focus towards supplying industrial components in the early 1970’s. Beginning in the late 1980’s, Chautauqua became involved with electroplating, pickling, chemical plants and environmental engineering.

During the year 2000, the physical plant was greatly expanded and upgraded to meet the challenges of the new millennium. Chautauqua’s ISO-9000 compliant manufacturing plant encompasses 35,000 square feet and employs in excess of 20 technicians. A dedication to training and education enables Chautauqua to excel in the production of quality fiberglass.

Heading into 2013, Our name has been changed to Advanced Fiberglass Services, as our company expands and advances to be the leading source in fiberglass solutions.