Secondary Containment

We have 3 options available to our customers for secondary containment. Each option incorporates our proprietary HL-922 Lining System. Our field service representative would be happy to visit your facility and discuss which option best suits your needs.

  • Self-Supporting Containment

  • Drop-in Containment

  • Hand Lay-up Containment

Think about this….The minimum time for concrete to cure is 35 days. Before any coating system can be applied to the concrete, a test is performed to ensure that it has properly cured. If the test shows moisture, then additional cure time is required. This can be a lengthy process, but with our fiberglass containments, there is NO wait time. Once the concrete is poured, we can start our installation process.

Advantages of Fiberglass Containment

  1. There is no concrete cure time required with fiberglass containments.
  2. During winter, the constant freezing and thawing causes most coating systems to crack; however, fiberglass is unaffected by our severe winters keeping our containments free of cracks.
  3. With existing concrete, coating systems require extensive preparation for adherence, but with fiberglass containments there is no adherence needed saving the customer time and money.

Why Wait?

Our team will happily discuss the details of any project with you and your team. We can outline the time and cost savings of fiberglass secondary containment options and can help identify the best solution for your needs.

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