Fiberglass (FRP) Liners

We have developed our own proprietary lining system, the HL-922 Lining System, as an alternative to purchasing a new vessel. This system saves our customer’s money without sacrificing quality. It is an extremely versatile system that can be used in many areas throughout the customer’s facility regardless of the facility’s operation, including steel or concrete surfaces in pickling, electroplating, industrial waste treatment for process vessels, trenches and sumps and secondary containment areas.

Our specialized proprietary system offers two options:

Option 1

The HL-922 Prefabricated Panel Lining System is designed using a combination of prefabricated and hand lay-up FRP panels.

Option 2

The HL-922 Hand Lay-up Lining System is designed using only the FRP hand lay-up method.

Please look through the following presentation which showcases two lining system projects. The first project demonstrates our Hand Lay-up Lining System and the second highlights the Prefabricated Panel Lining System.

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