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Steel Tank Coating

Steel Tank Coating

A local steel company and long-time customer had a steel tank that they needed to repair so they were taking it out of service for a few days.  While it was out of service for repairs, they asked if we could do anything to extend the tank’s life.  Due to the tank’s importance in their day-to-day operations, we were under a strict time constraint.  We discussed several options and agreed that the best option, given the time constraint, was to use a two part coating system.  First, we prepared the surface to remove all loose scale and paint.  Then we applied a rust convertor primer and a protective top coat.  Our service team completed the work ahead of schedule and the tank was back in operation the next day.

Over-the-Road Tanker Linings


Flange Before
Flange After
Tanker Before
Tanker After
Tanker Before
Tanker After

We have developed a specialized lining system that will extend the life of your over-the-road tanker truck. We use premium grade vinyl ester resins along with premium grade fabrication materials in our proprietary lining system. This proprietary system creates an extremely durable liner with the highest possible flexibility.

Refurbished Digester Tank Lids and Stairway

A customer needed their steel digester tank lids and a steel stairway refurbished because they were in poor condition. We used a two part coating system comprised of a rust converter primer and a protective top coat specifically formulated for municipal wastewater environments. First, we prepared the surface to remove all dirt and loose scale. Then, we applied the primer and top coat. This coating system not only improved the overall appearance but also provides a non-slip surface for added safety.

Refurbished Weather Radar Dome


Operating Radome
Completed Panel Exterior
Panel Interior, Before & After

We were approached by a local company to refurbish a weather radar dome (radome). Because the radome was 100 feet high on a tower (like the one pictured above), we were unable to inspect the panels prior to receiving them at our facility. Normally, this would not be an issue; however, this was a time-sensitive project. We did not know the extent of damage to each panel and had 10 days from receipt of the panels to complete the refurbishment.

The radome was 18’ in diameter and consisted of 36 panels of various sizes and 1 round top panel. It was disassembled in the field by the customer and delivered to our shop. All panels were inspected and tested to determine which resin was most compatible. Then a scope of work to refurbish the panels was formulated.

We began by sanding the inside of all panels, applied chopped strand mat and a corrosion barrier to the inside and finished with a gray gelcoat. The outside of each panel was scuffed and a specialized coating, supplied by the customer, was applied. After all panels were complete, our quality control department inspected each panel prior to packaging.

Waste Tanks & Containment Area


A local steel mill customer needed to replace their existing waste tanks as well as add a containment area for environmental protection.  Working closely with the customer, a design was developed and our team began work immediately.  To minimize the customer’s downtime during the installation process, all components were prefabricated as much as possible off-site.  During the five day installation process, we assembled the containment area and installed two fiberglass tanks and the catwalk.

Introducing Our Fiberglass Pipe Product Line

How Do You Celebrate 50 Years in Business?

We’re doing it by adding our very own Fiberglass Pipe product line!

At Advanced Fiberglass Services (AFS), we are more excited than ever to introduce a new product line of fiberglass pipe to our existing product and services lineup.  We have developed state-of-the-art, proprietary pipe manufacturing process that enables us to produce higher quality fiberglass pipe with less lead-time and at lower cost than our competition.  If you would like to know more about the applications and benefits of our pipe, please don’t hesitate to contact us and talk to one of our product specialists or set up a Lunch & Learn for your team.

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A New Name, A Rich History

We are pleased to announce the formation of Advanced Fiberglass Services, Inc. (AFS), formerly Chautauqua Fiberglass & Plastics, Inc. Our new company is a marriage of Chautauqua’s rich knowledge, history and experience with all AFS’s progress and cutting-edge advancements in the fiberglass industry.

AFS will continue to offer the same unmatched quality, products and services that Chautauqua has offered in the past and will be adding new products and services in the future. AFS will launch a new FRP product line in 2013 in honor of what would have been Chautauqua’s 50th year in business. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to stay up-to-date with future announcements.

Because our employees are the key to the quality work and services we provide to our customer, all personnell will remain with AFS. Our location in Sharpsville, Pennsylvania will remain the same as well.

As a team, we will continue to offer the best possible service and products in the fiberglass industry and look forward to many future business opportunities with you and your company. For more information about AFS or what we can do for you and your business, please contact us.

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